The Tower and Suits

I just got my first deck in the mail and have been playing around with it and writing down what the cards have given me. I've noticed that whenever I have drawn cards about anything, the tower has come first (reversed and upright), and then I get two cards of the same suit.

I'm pretty skeptical, but I found it weirdly coincidental. Are there patterns in cards that I should look for in general?

In my most recent one I asked a few questions about work and emotional obstacles that are currently a big factor in my quality of life.

"What is my biggest emotional obstacle at work?" (Tower, upright) "What kind of change should I work toward?" (Ace of swords, reversed) "What could hinder progress that I'm not currently aware of?" (Page of swords, reversed)

I also did a past/present/future love reading that I just found on Google, but it didn't really feel right (if that makes any sense?). Tower, knight of pentacles, and page of pentacles (all three reversed).

I guess I'm just wondering what others' thoughts on my work reading are and if the similar pattern between that and the other reading I did. Two of one specific suit both times.

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