“The true love spread for this boy in class”

Okay so here’s some backstory on this situation, he’s my friend in class and I think he’s cute. My friend is trying to set us up together. I also did a tarot reading for him in class and he’s overall a negative person and insecure (he suffers from depression. But he’s a good person despite that.) I’m a bit confused about this reading and want unbiased opinions. Thanks for the help.

So the first card represents (You) Your current feelings, attitudes, and expectations. I got Princess (page) of swords for that card.

The 2nd card represents (The partner) Its their current feelings, attitudes, and expectations. I got Death for that card which I don’t know how to interpret at all.

The 3rd card represents the (connection). This card represents the characteristics that you bring together. I got 2 of cups for that.

The 4th card represents the (Relationship strengths). These are the qualities that maintain the relationship. I got the five of pentacles.

The 5th card represents the relationship (weaknesses). These are the issues that need to be explored addressed. I got queen of pentacles.

The 6th and final card represents the (true love) card. It addresses if the relationship can be successful, it also highlights the areas that need to be addressed. I got king of cups.

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