The universe spoke to us after a reading – something I’ve never experienced before!

I just wanted to share with you all a beautiful moment I had reading for a friend a couple of weeks ago! I was brought up by fairly atheist/non-spiritual parents so it's taken me awhile to find my own beliefs and I am still working them out and can be skeptical about certain things, but this experience is just too crazy and perfect to question, it still blows my mind a little bit…

It was the first time I'd ever read for someone else. She is a new friend but we've grown close quite quickly along with another girl, we've made a little trio of friendship. They're both very spiritual and I'm a bit new to it all.

My friend wanted me to do a reading for her as I'd shared I've been really getting into tarot the past few months. All three of us went on a walk to a beach and found a big flat rock to sit on and do the reading. It was slightly windy so we each found some stones to sit on top of the cards so they didn't blow away, which we thought might bring some nice energies in from the beach as well.

She wanted to know how to find the right path in life after leaving university this year. I did a Celtic cross spread and all the cards I pulled seemed to make a lot of sense. There was a point where I read a card out in the wrong order… I'm bad at explaining but I was meant to turn over the 4th card but I turned the 5th card and read it as if it was the 4th. When I realised, I decided to keep that one as if it was meant to be the 4th as that's how I read it, and when I pulled the 5th one it was as if they were meant to be the way around I "mistook" them for. I just thought it was kinda crazy, like they wouldn't have made sense the way they originally lay.

When we read the last card it was The Sun. We read out my guidebook's interpretation and discussed how we interpret it. I'm using The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, and on this deck's Sun are two birds. We went back over the book's description of the birds and right after, two birds appeared in the sky and started circling us! To clarify how out of the blue this was we hadn't actually seen or noticed any birds that day. They circled us for ages, and when we thought they had gone another two appeared, never having more than two birds around us all. This went on for awhile and we sat there watching them, in awe.

I think the universe was sending my friend a beautiful message that everything would turn out well. I've never had such a profound moment like that… It slightly freaks me out but also excites me, like validation that my beliefs aren't total crap! My friends told me they think I'm very talented at reading tarot and that made me really happy.

When we were walking back it had gotten dark, me and my friend (that I didn't read for) are a bit scared of the dark so we were racing back to the car, but my friend I did the reading for was so calm which is unusual because she's usually the anxious one. Once we got home she told us she felt unusually calm, like she felt protected πŸ™‚

A day I'll cherish forever

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