Things not working out/ a rejection is divine protection

This is not directly tarot related, but I recently have noticed that there has been a surge in people posting reading interpretation requests relating to crushes/ potential relationships or even relationships. A lot of these readings don't have the most positive cards and till a few days back I admittedly was myself one of those. I would keep hoping/ doing readings on something which no matter how much I tried didn't seem to work out. Well, I found out some major information yesterday, and the point is discovered that by things not working out I dodged a major bullet. Doors closing or things not working (even after you put in the effort) is nothing but protection. Everything truly happens for a reason. So please don't fret over or be like how I was(doing constant readings, investing so much of my energy in desperately hoping for something positive to happen) because better things and days are coming, the universe truly has nothing but good intentions and wants the best for YOU(even if it's not what you want). Sending so much love to everyone.

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