This month was particularly shitty, so I decided to review the spread of this year I made in january. Needless to say I understand now lol

This is the month where I started taking meds for my anxiety, and got extremely sick thinking I was going to die, to the point I stopped taking it. I was in a shitty mindset, and still am not 100%, but far better than before. Today one of my closest friends called me crying, she was having a bad time these days with her depression and I'm very worried with her. I decided to review the card for this month from a spread I made in january asking about my year to see what else I could do to make things better, and needless to say it was exactly the moon reversed. Damn, I should've listened to it, I had even forgotten about this spread. I was thinking about this particular friend these days after a considerate amount of time with no contact and decided that things should be ok, no need to worry, and all of a sudden she calls me on a particularly bad day for her. I think I'll start to listen more to my intuition, things definitely should get better from now on.

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