This relationship sounds like a bad idea, right?

Okay, so I had another post regarding this (a different reading and question, but this is the answer I got as clarification basically) but I'll post the full second reading here. I'm already convinced it's not pleasant but hey, maybe yall have different interpretations (and I'm holding out delusional hope). The spread I used is a personal one I do for relationship/love readings and is as follows: 1- What the person wants from this relationship. 2- What the querent wants from this relationship. 3- What they give each other in this relationship. 4- What the person NEEDS from this relationship. 5- What the querent NEEDS from this relationship. 6- What they ultimately get from each other. 7- What the person loses/changes for this relationship (for better or for worse). 8- What the querent loses/changes (for better or for worse). 9- End goal/how this relationship plays out as of now.

This was what I got regarding this love interest I've been tracking in the cards for a couple weeks that's supposed to be entering my life. Our readings have transitioned from mostly positive to negative, but in particular I get the three of swords and five of swords a lot, so I just did a couple readings to see how the relationship looks like it would work out as of now with this new energy.

1- 9 of Pentacles 2- The Moon 3- 9 of Wands 4- 4 of Wands 5- Death 6- 3 of Swords 7- 6 of Cups 8- Ace of Wands 9- Knight of Wands

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