Thoughts on doing the same spread from two different decks?

I got a second deck (the light seer’s). My only deck up to this point is the classic rider Waite which knows me very well. I looked up all the ways to get comfortable with a new deck but my question is, since my first deck is so clear to me can I do the same exact spread on both decks? My thinking is it can help me understand the new deck better. But am I clouding my vision and interpretation through my old deck?

I tried it with a simple three card spread regarding a big life change (lost my job) and I got the below results RW: 2 of pentacles 2 of cups 8 of swords

Light seers: 2 of wands Ace of swords 8 of swords

Would love this communities thoughts on this method either way. I know there’s no hard and fast rules, but I’d love to hear perspectives.

Thank you in advance!

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