Thoughts on the RWS deck Justice card meaning the name Justin?

I did a love spread, celtic cross. I have a close friend, and we've been in a weird position for a while. We're interested in each other but right now we're long distance so we're not dating. It's been stressing me out for a bit, but the spread was overall positive.

However, the "final outcome card" was the Justice card. Which was weird, I didn't really know how to read that. But it occurred to me that my friend's name is Justin, and his name literally means Justice. So I looked the name "Justin" up, just out of curiosity, and I found the wikipedia page for it. It has a picture of Justin the Great, a Byzantine empire emperor.

I might as well be going crazy, but my friend looks just like him. And the name meaning checks out. Could my suspicions be correct? I need some objective opinions.

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