Three card spread about a race

I have been doing a swimrun race for the past 4 years in the islands off the coast of Maine swimming from island to island in Casco Bay. It's competitive for an elite quirky few, but for most it's about the adventure and teamwork to get through the ~12 miles of running ~3 or 4 miles of ocean swimming together with a partner. It's a really bonding experience, and this year I had to find a new partner because the person I did it with the last 2 years has a conflict with another race.

I asked the cards:
What will I learn doing this race with Shelley (8 Swords)
I'm puzzled by this. Is it a nod to having to find a new partner? I am actually really excited to do this race with her. I feel like we are a much better match and did not feel trapped or backed into a corner. I also read this card could signify weight loss and I'd love to lose my 10 lbs of COVID weight by training more consistently for this race but those types of interpretations of cards never resonate with me.

What will she learn from me (6 of cups)
I interpreted this to mean this will be a fun experience and she'll feel supported. He used to be a triathlete but has not done any major swimming in awhile and she's excited to do this race.

What is the outcome (9 pentacles)
I read this that the experience will be a positive one, and that our hard work training for this race will pay off.

Any thoughts, esp re: 8 Swords?

Lonesome World deck by Jessie Knight.

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