Three-card spread for my writing career?

Hi everyone! I did a past/present/future reading for myself to better understand my writing path. I am a creative writer (novels) and a college student pursuing professional writing & english (to hopefully assist me in being an editor).

Using the Rider Waite tarot deck, I got (all upright):

Past: Four of Cups

Present: Nine of Wands

Future: Three of Pentacles

I think that the past represents my delay in writing. I was so focused on not being prodigal at writing that I became bitter and apathetic. Everything I wrote was terrible, and I even stopped reading because I couldn't enjoy it without comparing myself. This has already put me behind; I've had the passion for a long time, but I took for granted that I could've used that time to better my craft rather than sulk.

Just recently did I get myself back into reading, and I've been writing consistently for weeks. However, I'm reaching the end of my summer vacation, and I'm going into my junior year. Classes will be harder. I'll have less free-time. My anxiety is sky-high and, on a current battle with mental health, I've been convinced that I'll have my falling out this year. The nine of wands feels like a good sign to keep going, persevere through the exhaustion, and I'll come out for the better on the other side.

For the future, I got three of pentacles, and this is where I struggle. It's a positive card, which is a relief, but I wonder how the aspect of unity and grouping comes in. I struggle horribly with social anxiety. Could this mean, paired with nine of wands, that I need to (and will) stand tall and battle my anxiety so that I can succeed in my academics and career? Does this imply that overcoming my anxiety will help me succeed in a future career group-setting? I'm a bit lost with this card, and how it ties in with my past and present reading.

I'd love some second opinions!

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