Three of swords & the star

Such an interesting combination. They arrived as my cards for the day, no big question, just my daily general pull. Nothing monster is occurring in my life at the moment, though, I’m firmly in a period of expansion. They seem like a polarizing pair, and yet, so apt together.

My constricted meaning of the three of swords is that this card signifies words that pierce. I find these to be primarily words in our own heads, as a result of a external situation. This creates a mental heartbreak, and can be offset as an invitation to break a cycle of mental drama that we often find ourselves struggling with internally. The hard acceptance of non-closure. The three of swords can be forgiveness. The catalyst to come home to yourself while suffering within the heart AND mind.

The star, for me, offers blind hope and healing waters. She’s gentle. A personal guide forward. The star is a peaceful a path forward in the form of self healing after an incredibly destructive storm. Gentle. A free flowing container for the painstaking process of quilting yourself back together.

Together: a small light appears in the darkness, perhaps.

What are your thoughts on this fascinating pair?

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