Three of Wands (Reversed) came up in my boyfriend reading

I decided to do a 4 card tarot reading for my boyfriend. Overall his reading was really good, he needs to get out of his comfort zone and keep on striving for self development. He said the reading resonated with him (he's the first person I did a reading on and I have no plans to do more for others lol) and insightful, so I'm glad I helped him a bit!

But I kept out one part of his reading 😬 and that was the relationship aspect of the Three of Wands (Reversed). I kept it out because he was having an awful day then someone started some unnecessary drama with him. It was a lot on top of his 14hr work day. The card before that was Ace of Cups. But the Three of Wands also symbolizes a failed long distance relationship. We are in a long distance relationship. I instead said that if there's an issue within your relationship, it's best to address it and not avoid it. What's even interesting is that I did a reading for myself before him and my first card was Seven of Swords. Maybe I was being a bit dishonest with his reading. Nothing is set in stone and maybe this is his subconscious and he's worried about the relationship failing.

I'm struggling to trust my intuition. Some interpretations aren't literal and it's entirely up to us and our actions. But still though, it's interesting that it came up.

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