TikTok Tarot ruined my relationship

Greetings all, I wanted to write this to begin a discussion and see if any of you had similar experiences with TikTok.

So long story short, my partner of over 4 years (19F) has been on her spiritual journey for almost 2 years I believe and in that time she has taken a huge interest in tarot that she shared with me. She has familiarized herself with her deck enough that she now has become a reader recently (2 months). During this,she began doing readings on TikTok and watching them as well. While I completely support her on her journey as a reader and always have, it is becoming undeniable that the readings she watches are shaping her perception of the world and things that happen between us. For context, she has struggled with Tarot TikTok previously and been open about how toxic it can be, but each time as time passes she eventually re downloads the app as if nothing has happened. This most recent time has been the worst. She believes the readers she follows and that come on her fyp are spiritually aligned with her, making her trust them more than she previously did on the app. We have talked about the TikTok algorithm and how it works so this seems to be something she is choosing to do in spite of her prior knowledge. She has begun using the readings as evidence that I am out to get her and that I am her karmic. It has completely transformed how she views our relationship and me altogether. I have tried to reassure her as best as I can but it reached an absolute breaking point for her today.

Today, she was watching a live reading on TikTok by CarmaBites and prior was in a good mood. As she continued the reading, the reader mentioned that “someone is trying to get you” and “the person you believe is your twin flame is not” and things of that nature that would make someone understandingly question things if you really trusted the reader and the source (TikTok). The reading completely derailed her mood and shortly after she turned it off, she began questioning me in regards to it. She asked me whether or not I was a “false-twin”, to which I said no and began reassuring her which I thought was the best thing to do. It was clear that this reassurance did not hold much weight over the overwhelmingly dark reading she was just watching. She then used the reading to move into all the things I’ve ever done to hurt her and that the reader just mentioned if someone shows you who they are, you should believe them. The conversation spiraled downhill from there with multiple mentions of the reader and what she had just said. Eventually,we take some time to ourselves and she lets me know that she doesn’t want to take care of my ego anymore and that I should just go be myself, essentially breaking up with me.

TLDR: TikTok readings changed my partner’s perception of me and our relationship, causing us to break up.

Has this happened to anyone else? Have tarot TikTok readers ever become more trustworthy to your partner than you?

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