To sign the lease or not sign the lease? More info in comments!

I’m about to sign a lease on a space for my small my business. I‘ve verbally committed but haven’t signed anything. Last night I felt extreme anxiety about moving forward with it, and now I‘m feeling conflicted if this is the right decision or not. They’ve had to put a lot of work in to make the space suitable for me as it was previously being used for building storage.

I decided to pull two cards to help give me clarity. One card for reasons to sign and one card for reasons to not sign. Pro and con pull basically. Here’s my interpretation. Would love any seconds even though this might be glaringly clear.

knight of pentacles (reason to sign lease): this space will allow me to work on and bring to fruition things I’ve been dreaming about implementing for my business. There’s a sense of practicality about it. Loyalty and responsibility come through as well. on one end I think it speaks to myself as a business owner and that this could be a responsible choice of place for me to create. On the other end I’m also feeling like those elements are associated with the verbal commitment I made. And if that loyalty is in part fueled by my guilt, maybe that’s not such a solid reason to sign the lease.

the high priestess (reason to not sign lease): something about the situation might be off. I need to tune in and listen to my gut. the hard feelings that have been bubbling up need attention. possibly something that’s not yet in my awareness will serve me better.

I feel like it’s hard to argue with the high priestess lol. But I think the responsibility element of the knight of wands is tripping me up. any insight is much appreciated.

deck: golden Klimt tarot

art by A.A. Antanassov (and of course Gustav Klimt)

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