Today’s Focus: Death

I have been doing a three card daily spread I saw someone on here mention in one of their posts. A card each for Today's Focus, Look for This, and Avoid This.

For Today's Focus I pulled the Death card. It actually made me smile and chuckle. Although Death isn't meant to mean literal death, today it just so happens be the case.

A couple hours before pulling the cards I received a call from a friend saying a close friend of ours passed away this early morning. He had been in failing health for sometime so it wasn't unexpected but still a shock when it happens.

His death follows my aunt dying two days before also in the morning. She also had been in failing health.

I am happy for both of them having escaped their bodies and are now resting comfortably. But I am sad for myself and others who are left to grieve them.

Today Death is spot on.

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