Toughts on a reading?

Alright so, some backstory.

Im a trans woman who has recently started college and got into Tarot very recently. I've been doing some simple three card readings each night before going to sleep, and i stumbled onto a pretty… Interesting group of cards.

I have been lonely lately. I dont really have a lot of friends from highschool and i still havent managed to interact with anyone in college. I got in a bit of a slump because of loneliness until, suddenly the one friend who i am out to and the one who i interact the most with (Even though thats not saying much) invited me to a recital. I said yes and went there, but due to climate reasons it got cancelled. We didnt even get to meet because she had a fight with her dad and by the point in which she could come to the place, the thing had been cancelled.

Anyways, i did a reading that night and drew : Reverse Empress, Reverse World and Three of Cups. Im not sure what it is trying to tell me but, it seems important.

Any toughts?

TL;DR : Lonely trans woman finally gets to hang out with friend (and only person she is out to), hangout gets cancelled. Daily draw gives Reverse Empress, Reverse World, Three Of Cups

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