Tower card story and technically advice?

I've been doing tarot for about 15 years. I'm trying to push through professionally. But I'm having trouble getting customers. What are some good places online to advertise? Is Etsy a good investment?

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Ok.So back when I was still learning how to read the cards, I got my first 'Gig' at a school fair of sorts. When I arrived, the sky was already BLACK. Huge thick storm clouds (you never see this in Florida BUT they are common place in Rhode Island so I knew it was going to be a HUGE STORM. So I set my table up inside because I'm not getting my cards wet. I'm not sitting out in that no way!

2 hours in and it starts pouring rain. A few people made jokes about me controlling the weather but just jokes. So crowds of people come in and I get more customers. There were 4-5 guys in a dance troup (one of them had a sister who worked at the school)

One of the guys comes over. Never had a reading done and was interested (usually they are $10/20/100 but it was for a school thing so I had $1) so he figures he would give it a go. I lay out his cards, do my thing. Couple more people walk by and make the "controlling the weather" joke. At this point, I'm going with it.

I finish his read and he jumps up and says "Who did you talk to?" Like he's convinced one if the other dancers told me some info on him. So he drags one of the other guys over and has me do his friends cards. HIS reading is accurate but now they think someone gave me info on both of them. So they pull over a third guy. Same thing

These guys are jumping around screaming at this point and lead guy number 4. Poor guy number 4. He is visibly shaking they sit him down with me and tell him I'm legit and the real thing (blah blah blah) people are still making Weather jokes. Guy number 4 his eyes are huge, and his voice is wavering. I told him he could walk away. I'd give him his dollar, it was all fine. No. He insisted he wanted his cards read. I flipped over 5 cards. I don't remember all of them, but I do remember the Tower card was Center

So I point to it and said "Lightning strikes the tower"
As the words left my mouth, a Huge bolt of lightening flashes across the sky. The building shook and the power went out. I said "OK, I didn't do that" then the power came back on. Guy number 4 is pressed up against the wall, legs shaking, arms shaking, almost as white as his shirt. Clutching his chest. The other three guys are losing their minds. I told guy number 4 he can still walk away. I'll give him the dollar back, it's fine. He shook his head, sat back down and let me finish the reading on one condition:

I never mention that middle card in his presence again

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