Trouble reading for myself

Hi! I'm in need for a second opinion with a recent spread. As I state in the title I'm not very comfortable reading for myself, I feel like I tend to see only what I want to see and twist things in my favor, especially in love readings.

This is the context, I feel like I have a 5d/twin flame connection with this guy, is purely platonic since we both are currently busy with life and working on ourselves, not ready for a relationship.

The previous readings I got the feeling that he was getting a bit anxious worrying that I might move on from him so I did a little spell to send him a message telling him I was aware of our connection and that I knew that our paths will cross someday. The following nights I had drams about him but I could bearly remember them, so I did a 3 card spread to try to figure out what his messege for me was.

I got the knight of cups, the queen of wands and the page of pentacles. I basically interpret it as he got my message and he is coming but a slow pace, he sees me like I'm a bit ahead of him in life and he is working on it and he feels he is in the right track.

For clarification I got the emperor, the page of wands, the 9 and 10 of pentacles, and I got the same feeling. With the emperor I see it like he really wants to make things the right way and he is currently fucused in building a future of abundance.

Any input will be very apriciated, I think I'm being way optimistic!

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