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Hey folks! I'm not exactly new to tarot, but didn't do it for ages and now I'm slowly coming back. I'd love to hear your opinions! Thank you in advance!

So I struggle a lot with being poor af and making money with my art on Etsy. I'm currently thinking about investing in a good printer and some tools / new materials to make stickers and tarot cards. But I'm very unsure, as it's a lot of money for me, and I kinda don't trust myself enough to be really good at it. I'm afraid I I'll have wasted the money and will be too afraid and art-blocked to actually use the things. My therapist says I should listen to my intuition and not dwell on past mistakes.

"Aspirations and Goals Spread"

  1. Current objective: ✨2 Cups 🧐 As I'm in a happy relationship (basically like a married couple, we just don't care about marrying and we are both passionately childfeee) I read this card is marrying of a different kind, maybe like starting something "fertile" / creative?

  2. Talent or skill: ✨King of Cups 🧐 Is this meant as a person or as a situation? Maybe it's me, a creative person who's learning to follow their heart/intuition?

  3. Pitfalls: ✨Death 🧐 I'm good at starting new things, but I'm bad at handling and continuing them beyond the honeymoon phase (yes ADHD lol), so… Maybe that the change might also bring new issues?

  4. Support: ✨9 Wands 🧐 I do understand that I did have a heavy past and creativity wise I'm in a "strong position" as I'm kinda experienced? But how is that meant as support? Is someone else helping me with experience? Or is someone defending / shielding me?

  5. Potential: ✨The Chariot 🧐 Taking off, like, into a better future? Virtually or literally ending up in a different / better place or situation than I was before?

  6. My inner strength: ✨6 Wands 🧐 "Victory" or "deserved success". How is this meant as inner strength? Is my inner strength, that I can make things that pay off / have success later? It also indicates a proposal if some kind… So maybe I'm capable to make a change that has success? Now more than I used to be?

  7. This promises progress: ✨King of Wands 🧐 A well traveled man. Self employed. Is this meant to be me? Being my individual free spirited self and being my own boss promises success?

  8. Force that will be with me: ✨5 Cups 🧐 Please don't laugh. I grieve heavily for my passed cat. She was everything. For over a year after her death I was a crying mess. Fir a few months now I'm way better, but I guess this is her. I also recently went no contact with my mother. Probably that too.

  9. Outcome: ✨Knight of Swords 🧐 Could I be rushing too hard? Wanting too much too quickly?

My own addition: Will it make me happy? ✨7 Cups 🧐 I will have many things I can do, but I will also be overwhelmed?

What will I regret? ✨4 Pentacles 🧐 This one is difficult. Will I regret spending/invest in my creativity, or will I regret sitting on my money like a dragon and not spending/investing it?

Thank you so much!

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