Two of swords?

So, yesterday I asked that I want to do some certain thing this year and if that’s okay. I drew two cards, one for possible outcome and the other for advice. I got a reversed knight of swords and the judgement. This I can read. Simply put it’s telling me that this decision is impulsive, I’m not ready for it, and I should work on improving myself first. Well, mostly my guess.

And then today, I asked that sure, I have to improve myself first, so where should I look at? I drew only one card and that’s two of swords in upright position. And I was like, so I should wait? Doesn’t make sense. I think more likely the problem is with the way I ask my question, or maybe I should use less cards, like just the major?

I’m kind of new. Still have much to learn, I guess.

If you can share some of your insights, I really appreciate it.

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