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Maybe somewhat controversial in this community but ill talk about the YT card readings. We all know that most of them are scam, it's kind of becoming a trend and it's all very general so anyone could relate to whatever messages they have. I still watch and follow them. I've followed the same 2 readers for over 2 years now and I can honestly say that no matter if they're not true or they're vague in some peeps opinions, they've helped me a lot. I haven't felt those specific readers have any ill intentions or do it for cloud. A lot of stuff I've done, which I wouldn't do or it would of taken me longer to realize and do, I did and changed my life for the better thanks to those woman. The timings at which I've met people or they've predicted some major events, did happen and in the time frames mentioned (which I always try to confirm with my own readings) and everytime I got one of those BE BOLD AND DO IT NOW kind of readings, I did and a LOT of stuff changed for me. I have extreme anxiety, so doing my own readings and believing in myself 100% is very hard personally. People around say I'm constantly changing and im way more assertive, even if I still feel meek and unknown. But i know im not the same and i dont think the same it started with the youtubers. So what if most of the ones online aren't "real". Some people just need to hear they can do it, some people just need a little bit of guidance or a "light" shone on the unknown before taking a step foward. I don't agree for them to do personal readings at big bucks prices and that's taking advantage but just readings online can and do help people. It gives them hope and sometime the foot in the ass they need, thinking it's the universe or its meant. I've definitely been more confident since I started watching them, I do trust my intuition more and it got me into practice. I mostly do my own now but I still use them when I don't trust myself enough to be calm and present enough to interpret my feelings and choices (trauma, most of us have it so you know what's up) idk why I felt compelled to tell any of you, im probably ganna get some people telling me I'm naive or stupid but hey, I like who I am now and I believe in myself. Thanks to random people on the internet helping me through hard times with confirmations and motivation. You do you

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