Unpopular Opinions, raw.. but true

A few days ago someone shared some thing about filtering their clients and I commented on there. At first, a lot of people liked the comment and then once I had the opportunity to look back at it and really write it out the way I wanted to, some people were triggered. I feel like this prompted me to share something personal about my Tarot journey. I started reading when I was a teenager, and I am now in my 30s. I have a couple readers that are my go to readers because of their style and the time that they have been reading for me. I will get to that in a minute. I want to start by saying that since I started reading it has taken me many years to build a relationship with my cards and to develop an understanding of them. It has been a very unique process and very individual I like the process everyone who reads encounters. Throughout this process I’ve seen this craft/type of divination become more and more popular to the point where it has been prostituted/disrespected by many. Although, I do not read professionally or feel like it is spiritually positive to charge people for spiritual advice. I do respect readers who cannot work and any other field because of health conditions or specific situations that impede them from doing so. However, I do not hold any sense of respect for people who take this spiritual practice, (because it is a spiritual practice since we are tapping into source source spirit/whatever you want to call it) For people who will take this form of divination and use it to exploit other people, most importantly, those who are vulnerable. Much less whole respect for people who disregard the energy and trust of those because it’s not just the money that they are taking from these people, but it’s a violation of trust and someone’s energy to exploit these in their times of need. I have experienced this personally with my readers as a client and it is not a pretty thing to feel. When does Spirit charge us for the guidance we channel from source? And how are we paying source back? I believe in paying it forward, and I think it’s very important to give back because nobody is charging us to channel the answers requested by source. For me, personally I only read for people if I feel inclined to do it because I do not want to taint any readings with my personal energies if I am not in the spiritual/emotional space to. But I do not like to charge either, I feel like this is part of my repayment not only for helping someone in need because I feel compelled to, but to source as well by paying it forward and reading for someone else. I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion because this has become a huge trend and people want to excuse their bad behavior w whatever post modern mumbo jumbo they want to say about how it’s ok to charge 300 dollars and your energy is your time too.. For those who think this way, I want you to sit back and tap in to your own spirit and see if you feel right with this mindset. Also, how have you given back to source/ balanced out the scales on a metaphysical level? Remember that we are not omnipotent and the universe has a way of flipping the tables. We must honor the ability’s we’re given as well as the sources that guide these. Just wanted to say this. Again, I’ve been reading for 18 years. This is not something that I am new to and have just reflected on over night. It’s year upon years of reflection as a reader/ channeler, Clairvoyant/ and as a client.

For those on here who have their go to readers who they trust or have gone from one reader to another for a reason as strong as betrayal of trust or disrespect. How did you feel when this happened to you?

Just some food for thought

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