Unsure how to interpret what is probably an obvious answer.

I wouldn't call myself a tarot practitioner, I've only started learning recently, but it has been bringing so much insight and food for thought. Thank you ahead of time for any helpful answers!

Recently I had been reflecting on loneliness, untapped sources of support, my withered spiritual life, and a pervasive feeling of being out of touch with my roots and family. I pulled one card asking if I should invite the guidance of my ancestors and passed relatives into my life. It was a weird question out the gate because I wouldn't know how to do that if I had a positive answer. I'm not sure what inspired me to ask.

I pulled the Ten of Pentacles and was overwhelmed with a sense of acceptance and love, which frankly is not something I confidently felt when I knew them in life. I haven't experienced a strong emotional reaction to a card before. The answer seems to be yes, but considering that the card also implies accomplishing a lifelong goal and resting on your laurels, I have a nagging sense that I am missing something about the answer. Any thoughts?

Again, thank you.

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