Update: Roe v. Wade 2nd Reading

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I did a follow-up reading that I thought would be encouraging to the group. The first question I asked was "Will America ever have permanent federal access to abortion?". I can't remember the 2nd card I pulled, but the first one was the high priestess and I remember feeling positive – the answer was yes, it would be permanent federal law one day.

The second question I asked was "when?" and I got the 5 of pentacles and the 8 of wands rx. I'm not so confident on using tarot for exact timing, but I'm going to put it at 5 to 50 years. Curious to hear what others think. Either way, the answer is very clearly not soon. There is a long fight ahead of us.

But it's uplifting. If the reading is right, we will see abortion become permanent federal law one day.

Meanwhile, for anyone interested in staying in the fight, here's a petition to impeach Clarence Thomas:


sending warm light and love to everyone, both men and women, devastated by this news.


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