Upright The World Card when asking what to avoid – what are some negative aspects of this card?

(RWS deck) my guesses would maybe be a tip to not become self-centered or absorbed, as the woman on the card is, or perhaps even trapped in… something? toxic positivity? i know that "the end of a cycle" is typically an easy pick, but that doesn't really seem appropriate, as that isnt really something i can actively avoid.

context: on friday morning i pulled my first monthly guidance spread card, and pulled The World in the spot of "what to avoid". i am still chewing on the total spread in general as i didn't have the time to get into detail before work, but this one really perplexed me.

i am fairly new to the practice. some books i have do not do much to give me insight to negative aspects of the world, as it seems this is widely regarded as one of the more positively charged cards.

as for the rest of the spread, my interpretation of the totality so far is largely related to my struggles in – and recent efforts towards bettering – my career/life balance. i can give the rest of the spread if absolutely needed, for some reason i didnt feel comfortable 'unnecessarily' dropping the entire spread publicly, im a relatively private person and it felt like a weird karma move.

thanks in advance for any insight!

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