URGENT . Advice needed.

My daughter’s cousin has send her messages confessing his feelings.

Advice needed.

The cousin 25. (Wife’s sister’s son)

My daughter is 13.

Both are First cousins.

(Both Indians living in America/ Canada). They haven’t met for years since covid, so like 3 years. He lives in Canada, she in America.

He apparently got “rich” off crypto last year, don’t know much more about him. I read his letters a bit, he send literally 30000 words (roughly), like 100 pages double-spaced. He talked about alot in them, confessing how he felt “she” is his soulmate. He insisted he didn’t mean it in a “gross” way, but more a spiritual way— in “another life”. She never gave him a single reply, and blocked him after the first long messages. However, he send the rest (90%) of the messages through her friends on TikTok dms. Asked them to forward it to her. Even wrote a whole story in a message for her. And in all these messages his swearing alot. Like he probably said the word “fuck” over a 100 times. And used alot of “slang” like “fr”, “bruh”, etc.

His arguments is: His successful (rich with crypto), he means it in a spiritual way, like soulmates bond. And that his taking care of her grandpa (who came from India this year), whilst having a heart-condition. Apparently the cousin had or survived cancer. Apparently, the 25 year old guy also bought my daughter “tiktok followers” last year. Yet, he says she never thanked him. He also got some famous tiktoker to comment on her profile.

He also argues: He is not a pedo, and it is a spiritual bond with her. He wants to convert her to Islam and marry her when she is 18 (apparently). I don’t know if his trolling or not, but says “his gut” told him alot of things like Crypto is the future. And his gut told him that “she” is his soulmate. She as in my daughter. And he also argues that he looks really young for his age, he only looks 17.

Also he says he had to write the 30000 words messages because she ignored everything, so she triggered it. And she gave no reason why she ignored everything. His first few messages to her, was him offering all his crypto money after he almost died, and he says she completely ignored it. He says she was talking with him in 2020, but suddenly ghosted him and blocked, because he apparently said the “n-word” in some troll tiktok. Then it also came out, he was flexing his arms in one of the tiktoks too.

His also making it a effort apparently, not to meet with her, as he understands all of this made her uncomfortable. He is also really frustrated/angry that “our” family left the grandpa to his care for almost 2 years now, and we haven’t even came to visit him. Cause of obvious safety reasons, I ain’t that strong. And this guy lifts weights . And i have 3 daughters, so why would i even risk it. I mean it sucks my kids won’t see their other grandpa, but what can i really do here.

Now because she ignored all his messages, he gets super angry if she talks to other cousins but not him. Or if she talks to other guys.

Important: Reason he gets super angry at my daughter is because my daughter talks to other cousins from my wife’s side. These cousins (according to him) are ugly and look older than him. And he has given some sort of proof one of these cousins (a girl his age) said the “n-word” many times, yet my daughter still talks to her. And a huge chunk of his messages was being angry at this. The fact my daughter talks to her, even tho this cousin said the n-word 100s of tines, but ignored him. Because his argument is my daughter ghosted/blocked him because she thought he said the n-word. He is also arguing that this other girl cousin (whose also 25) bullied his younger brother, and his really angry my daughter talks to her.
Also his really angry because, apparently, he shared his “crypto knowledge” to another cousin from my wife’s side (the younger brother of the 25 year old girl), and this guy is 17. And this guy shared the knowledge with my daughter (send her crypto coins and explained to her how to make a wallet). So the 25 year old guy is super angry at this, because he felt he should have been the one to teach my daughter this. He threatened he will do something really “fucked up” if my daughter meets these other cousins, or communicates with them at all.

Also, his other big concern is that another cousin of his keeps harassing him . They keep coming to his house to meet with Grandpa when he told them to stop coming.

All this information came to me over time, through my wife. This is alot to process. Alot of information.

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