Very new to tarot – is it ok to start reading now or should I learn more first?

So a few days ago I went into a shop and started looking at books there. One caught my eye – the little book of tarot by Xanna Eve Chown. I ended up impulsively buying it even though I know little to nothing about tarot, just that I find it interesting. When I told my mum about it, she literally went upstairs and just gave me the deck she used to use. So now I have a book about tarot and a deck to use. Is it a good idea if I try to do a reading while still barely knowing anything (I'd just consult the book about everything) or should I really research tarot first, as I don't want to misinterpret anything. Also, does anyone know if the book I got is any good? The deck also comes with a little booklet saying "The Rider Tarot Deck" (is that the same as Rider Waite?? it sounds like it but not sure) that seems to have a lot of info so ill read through that too. But yeah basically my question is, is it ok to just go for it now or should I learn more first?

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