Wands and Swords, Air and Fire. Which is which and why?

When I first read the black book, I learned that each suite had a corresponding element. Cups are water, pentacles are earth, wands are fire, and swords are air. That made enough sense. But then through more research I found that not everyone believed that to be the case. Some people are very adamant that swords are fire, and that wands are air. Someone I know told me that when Waite wrote the book, they swapped it as a form of gate keeping. But that never sat right with me. Maybe that's because I don't know the full story as to why they did it, but Idk. I believe tarot is something that you find your own way in, but I'd like to hear other opinions on this. If you feel strongly one way, I wanna know why.

Personally, I think it depends on the deck.

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