Weird feeling from oracle deck

So I recently bought the Seed and Sickle oracle, and I've been getting a weird feeling from it-

The reading I got didn't resonate, and I got a strange feeling in my cheeks and felt like crying everytime I picked it up or shuffled it. I decided to leave it in my prayer room (I'm Hindu) with some clear quartz on top of it to cleanse it, since my mum lights incense and stuff in there. I left it for over a week, and today I finally went and retrieved it to give it another try. I meditated with it for a bit then did another reading, and it came out pretty well and resonated nicely. However, I still have a weird gut feeling about it that I can't ignore, but it isn't as intense as it was in the beginning. It's still bothering me though, so I was wondering if anyone has any advice or has dealt with anything similar.

The deck is beautiful and I don't really want to get rid of it, so if there's anything I can do to cleanse it, any advice is apreciated!

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