Weird question about readings and who they’re intended for

I watch readings a lot on youtube and gravitate towards tarot readers that genuinely their descriptions of some deeply relatable scenarios resonate with my situations the strongest, to the point they describe it to the tee, so naturally I get intrigued. I always watch for my top 3 signs, and dare I say where my question comes in is I also watch for signs of friends(some of which share the same signs as me) and admittedly past "lovers".

I have noticed that while the reader(s) is incredibly talented, a lot of their readings always match up with everyone else's lives and never really match up with mine.

Say I watch a reading for my sign, Pisces and I also have a friend of the same sign- it's happened a few times that the outcome of the tarot's reading happened to them and not me (like: jobs, money, other random occurences, it usually comes up in conversations when we talk to catch up). For me: I read for ALL my top 3 signs and never can really say anything of the outcomes have ever happened for me except for maybe 1 unfavorable outcome I just didn't really care for.

Could it be just simply because I literally never go outside and interact with anyone? I am admittedly like 99% a hermit so my life is snails pace slow. I have the energy potential of a raisin. I hope that made sense, I feel like I'm turning tarot outcomes into a gatcha only for the positive readings lol

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