Well, it finally happened! Got my first stalker card, 8 of Pentacles!

Yep, it's weirding me out a little bit.

This past Monday it came out as the first card in my 3 card spread with the Tarot of the Divine

Wednesday (yesterday as of this writing) I did a one card pull with the same deck and that was the card. That same afternoon I did some work with my Thot tarot deck and it showed itself in position #6

And just today, I was sitting at my desk just shuffling my cards (Tarot of Divine) while waiting for some work things to complete, not really thinking of any questions, just overhand shuffling after having done a mix of bridge shuffles and overhands 20 minutes prior during a meeting, and a few cards slipped out and fell on my desk, I picked up the few that fell together in the pack, then went to grab the other one, when I flipped it over , guess what? 8 of Coins!
I haven't every experienced this – its kind of freaky! Anyway, I had to share this somewhere so why not here?

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