What are his intentions towards me?

I asked what S's intentions are towards me. I got:

Page of Swords – the Hanged Man – 7 of Pentacles

Base: Queen of Cups

Looks like he doesn't know what to do right now (Page) and is waiting until he sees what I do next (Hanged Man). The page also tells me that he would like to get to know me more, but once again, he's probably expecting me to message him. Or perhaps just waiting for a good time to talk to me, when something new pops up. This is further confirmed by 7 of Pentacles. He's waiting and seeing what happens next.

Base sets the atmosphere for the whole reading. In this case it's Queen of Cups. He might be genuinely interested in talking to me, but is just waiting for the right time. He's not rushing it. Why is he so slow?


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