What are your dealbreakers when choosing a tarot deck?

I love collecting tarot decks, but I’ve come to realize I’m quite picky about what decks I actually like working with! I was looking at backing the Drifting Moon tarot on Kickstarter, because I love the artwork. But every time I remembered it was a majors-only deck I backed out of actually pledging for it.

It made me think about what other reasons I’ve avoided backing or buying a deck. I always consciously avoided choosing majors-only decks, or Marseille-style decks with basic pips for the minor arcana. And I go out of my way to find and use decks that promote diversity and inclusivity.

But other than those big sticking points, looking over my collection now I notice my taste is more consistent than I realized. For example, I don’t have a single deck that uses photographs or photo-realistic artwork, other than one lonely Doreen Virtue deck I was gifted and rarely use. And I haven’t bought a monochromatic or black and white deck in years, and I can’t even remember the last time I used one.

So it’s got me curious, now! What do other people consider dealbreakers when shopping for tarot decks – is it all big and obvious things, or do you consciously avoid decks because of certain styles? I’d like to think I have a well-rounded collection, but I honestly can’t picture myself buying a photo-realistic deck for myself that I would ever use, for example, or even like one as much as I do my less polished or more stylized decks. What decks do you tend to buy for yourself, and why?

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