What are your FOMO decks?

I have recently seen this as a Youtube tag but I was wondering if you had any decks you bought just as a FOMO and how are you liking them now, or if you had any that you missed out on and feel upset for it? Maybe you got it after seeing people like it and had a growing need for it, or maybe you saw a deck but it was out of print?

For me it has gotta be This Might Hurt tarot I got after seeing everyone have and use it so much. I am glad I did because it is such a nice refresher on RWS imagery but I am not sure if I would get it otherwise. It has become one of my staples though!

And the decks I am waiting reprints and am upset I missed out on are Blood Moon Tarot, as well as The Botan Tarot without a doubt. They are just so magical in their appearance and offer such unique worlds I wish they came out again or were picked up by a mass market publisher.

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