What Are Your Thoughts About Mixing Cards From Different Decks?

I bought a new Rider-Waite deck recently due to some of the colors in my other R-W deck are a bit off.

My Mom gave me the deck and I feel kind of guilty for replacing it. SO, since they are the exact same size, just different back art, I was thinking about making a deck by mixing some of the cards together. There will be the same amount of cards, just some have different backs.

Does anyone else do this? I've been thinking that if I continue to get cards of the same size, I could eventually build a deck (lol reminds me of MTG) from various sets into a deck that I can read better due to some of the art from one deck resonating with me more than another.

Say one image/feeling of the Minor or Major arcana doesn't resonate with me too well, but one from another deck does. AS long as they're the same size, I don't see why not.

What're your thoughts?

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