"What do I need to do to ensure I have the most emotionally fulfilling sex when I lose my virginity?"

I received the Queen of Pentacles and as a clarifier, Queen of Wands.

Queen of Pentacles tells me I need to be in tune with myself, my body, and my wants and needs. Pentacles being earth, I need to embrace and understand the earthy side of me beforehand. (Yet, what confuses me is that The Empress better represents these themes. Why not receive that?) Another angle is that I need to build my own life, my own financial stability first before meeting a partner, so I have a strong sense of self and I'm not dependent on anyone in the midst of a sexual relationship.

I think that strong sense of self angle is backed up by Queen of Wands. She's confident, self-assured, passionate. "The Queen of Wands tarot love meaning can be encouragement to be open and proud of your individuality and go out in the world and mingle. You can stop worrying about how you appear or how others perceive you and simply enjoy being around others. Your courage and self-possessed nature will draw others to you and inspire them to do the same."

I find it interesting I received Queen cards both times. I'm interested in hearing second opinions!

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