what do y’all think of the Alleyman’s Tarot deck?

it's a mismatched (including backs) 137-card deck that became the highest funded deck on kickstarter. the publisher Seven Dane Asmund has flipthrough videos they did in an update on kickstarter if you're interested in seeing the cards, plus there's a few spreads on their instagram.

there's the typical 78 cards, a few duplicates including nine unique death cards, plus a mismatched suit with different items but still ascending numbers. some cards were created by artists specifically for the deck, some were volunteered from people's existing decks, and some were from museums or other older works.

ive never really experimented with tarot before but i love all the art so i bought it (should be coming very soon!!) general opinions? how difficult will the learning curve be as a beginner? part of me thinks it'll be easier since every card is unique. idk! im excited for it to arrive!

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