What do you make of this reading? (My breakdown in the comments)

Very new to tarot reading and would love some insight and second opinions…

My focus was on understanding whether a new relationship has potential, specifically whether I am pursuing something that will help me grow.

What I’m taking from this is that nice gestures and romantic courting are likely hiding the other persons insecurities or inability to have a committed relationship. We’re in the honeymoon phase, very much just starting to explore each other, it’s still new and exciting… but it’s unlikely going to be a healthy situation. So a way forward would be to take what I can from the experience, let it run its course, but understand that there is likely to be an end due to the superficialities and avoidance of emotional connection. While I may learn something, it should be considered that this is a learning opportunity not “forever.”

I did a three card spread that I love based on a teaching by a more experienced reader and mentor where the cards represent the nature of the present situation, my attitude toward it, and a key element for consideration.

Edit: my breakdown is actually in the post 😅 weird formatting on mobile so I switched to pc to post easier and forgot to change the title.


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