What does it mean when a tarot card is hard to look at? hurts your eyes?

I like to watch pick a pile tarot reading videos regularly. An only pick what im drawn to. But today while i was picking one (#2 pile) one of the piles (#3) was extremely hard to look at. It hurted my eyes and kinda felt like i was staring at the sun. I kept trying but it was to hard to look at. Can anyone explain or have an idea why maybe? I didnt click the pile (#3). Just thinking about it or trying to picture it in my mind hurts my eyes a bit.

Side note: i practice tarot as well and this has happened only one other time during a reading i was giving someone. It was ALOT going on in the picture of the tarot card especially in the background an it was physically hard to look at and focus (which has never been a problem before) But the message for her was that their was a lot going on around her in her life at the time that was making it extremely hard for her.

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