What have you been wanting to see in an inclusive deck but haven’t found yet?

I’ve been painting some tarot cards and would love to make a dreamy, esoteric deck that’s also inclusive. DreamKeeper’s is one of my favorite decks but they are ALL white and it’s heavy on the feminine energy and it can be frustrating sometimes.

A post on another sub made me think to ask the community about things you’ve wanted to see represented in a specific way, but either haven’t yet, or haven’t seen it done in a way that speaks to you or your lived experience.

I think hearing your thoughts will both inspire me and also give me much needed perspective if I ever end up distributing the finished product. The last thing I would want is anyone to feel tokenized; I’ve just found that as a professional reader I would love to have a deck that any client could see themselves in without being too trendy or modern — while still being human.

Thank you!!

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