What is a deck that you found yourself liking more than you expected, and why?

Going off of my recent post about decks that are popular but fell flat for us individually, I also found myself wondering if there were any decks out there that other folk maybe had a 'meh' reaction to at first, or said deck was slept on in general by the Tarot community, but found themselves loving?

Mine is definitely the Vivid Journey Tarot. I bought it not having even known it existed before my visit to the store that day. It was a still sealed copy being sold for cheap at a used bookstore, and I was looking for a more standard RWS clone type deck and thought the art was okay. It's high quality, make no mistake, but it's not a style I typically go for, so got it not expecting it to be a favorite but a solid general workhorse deck to use for any kind of reading.

Damn was I wrong! I use it more now than my top RWS clone deck I've had for years (Ethereal Visions, I love you, but you've now been dethroned!), and it connects with me intuitively better than probably all of my other decks, and the guidebook is fantastically written.

Has anyone else had this happen to them with a particular deck?

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