What is it with people demanding that tarot only works one way?

Just got harrassed (one of those name calling, rambling, 30 DMs and then "I'm blocking you!!") by someone who was upset that I pointed out that her take on tarot was not a universal truth. Why?

I know that there are lots of people who read psychologically or secularly, never predictive, never for third parties, etc. The thing is, that's perfectly fine to do, based on your own beliefs traditions and so on, but that doesn't mean that's the only way to work with Tarot, or the absolute "rules" of tarot.

There are no rules beyond the ones you make for yourself. There are traditions, of course, and lots of people follow those traditions, but that doesn't make the traditions applicable to anyone else if they don't follow the traditions.

I read reversals, predict, third party questions, death, pregnancy, etc. On touchier subjects I will make sure that they want to know, and that no one is 100%, but I will then read if they still want it. In my philosophy, any question is possible to answer (and I have a spiritual obligation to do so whenever asked), but there are ways and there are WAYS to answer those questions.

At any rate, the point: I'm not telling you your way is wrong. I'm telling you that your absolute "this is the way tarot has to be done / how it works / you can't do that" is telling me my (and many other people's) way is wrong, and that's just BS.

We all have our different ways and beliefs, so please just let everyone have theirs, and don't make up stuff or ignore a LONG history of divination being used for all the things you say it can't be used for. Say "In my practice / experience / belief" – that's perfect, because it leaves room for eveyone else's belief / experience / practice.

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