What is the story of your first tarot deck?

Just curious to read everyone’s story of firsts ! For me when I started diving into my spiritual path one of the things that was really interesting was tarot, just the whole subject was so cool to me. I had planned to get the plain RWS from Amazon , but I decided not to buy it yet and that it would come to me irl at a shop or something and I could connect with it more there. Flash forward like 6 months I end up going to New Jersey wildwood, and on the boardwalk they have a few “occult” shops and this sparked my interest so I went in and looked around , once I realized this was a metaphysical shop I was looking for the tarot decks ASAP. I spotted them on a shelf and this kind woman next to me was like “Have you done or read tarot ever”? And I was like “no but I’m interested”.. and there was an couple of them out but she said “pick the one your intuition guides you with.” And so I went forward and picked up my NOW RWS tarot deck. And then I was stopped by my mom who was tired of me constantly shopping at the boardwalks and I begged this would be the last thing I would buy because I had no money (broke college student) and she handed me a 20$ bill. I go up to the cashier and I was literally 3$ short 💔😐 that NYJ TAX is crazyyyy plus bc it’s the boardwalk/ wildwood a tourist destination. And then a (different) woman behind me literally with a wad of bills was like “ugh I hate when that happens, here I got you”. And I was like “ are you sure??” And she was like “yeah no problem.” I just kept thanking her and felt so happy. I definitely felt like my first tarot was somewhat intended for me to have .

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