What Kind of Job Should I Apply For? Interpretation Help Please!

I asked what job would be good for me to apply for since i feel that my creative projects will probably realistically take some time to at least allow me to make a living off of even though i have support & all of my needs met right now through family, i just feel that i should be doing more or at least expanding my options.

i’m in college right now, so i’m thinking part-time. i usually have been against working because i want to be able to solely focus on my craft while i still have the ability to just do that & ive been having lower back pain that makes me worried about working any jobs that will have me standing for too long, which are most part-time jobs. still, i just feel that i could be limiting myself and my parents have been nudging me to get a job.

idk it sounds like i’m lazy but i promise you i put in a lot of effort, especially towards something i’m passionate about. but anyway, i’m getting a bit mixed up with the cards & the answers.

based on these cards what jobs do you think fit the description?? and what are your take on the cards? ( the deck i used was the Tarot of Mystical Moments—wish i could include but idk how to post text & pictures together)

•the Sun clarified by knight of wands: a job that makes me feel seen & useful. one where i am allowed to show my skills and abilities or at least helps me bring forth those that may be dormant.

•3 of pentacles clarified by the world: a job that helps to contribute to making the world a better place, one that can provide perspective and expand my horizons/ provides connections that further me in life. one that also uplifts me & makes me feel that i’m evolving or growing somehow.

•3 of cups clarified by the 8 of pentacles: a job that is fun or maybe a place my friends work ( not something i’m wanting) or it’s just saying that if i get a job, i’ll make new friends, honestly idrk what this means. hoping for other perspectives.

6 of wands on the bottom of the deck

however, this is my other take & maybe i’m being very biased and allowing ego to intercept the reading with this perspective but let me know what you guys think… so the cards are saying that my work will eventually get the recognition i’m hoping for and i just need to find better ways to collaborate with others to help further the success of my projects. also staying creative, open minded, and focused will help to get the ball rolling. ensuring that i form connections and friendships within my field to help garner the audience & support needed to fulfill this desire of mine.

anyway, would love to hear feedback. thanks in advance!

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