What meanings to use? How do you read your meanings?

Hi everyone,
I return with another question if you don't mind!
I received my first deck, and I love it, and I am currently going through "The Open Reading" book which is also a really easy reading material! I tried doing few readings and issue arises. I know people say I should read the meanings intuitively but I want to go through some basic simple keywords/meanings to keep in mind ( I am talking about minor arcana here), but still the LWB that came with the deck, differs a lot from the "The Open Reading" book that I am reading. I want to gain a deeper understanding of each card with the book, but I need some minimalistic non-overwhelming basics to get comfortable with reading and now overwhelmed during it.

So my questions are:

  1. How do you read meanings? How did you all decide which one to use?
  2. For a beginner, is it a good way to learn numerology, and then associate each number with a suit, and add some intuitive reading, instead of reading many articles and versions of a card?

    I started also doing a card a day to get to know them better. Also is there a reference I can print out or something for numerology meanings? Any opinions and tips help, I apologize for another post in here I just want to learn πŸ™‚
    P.S. – using Marseille deck.

Thank you once again,

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