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Hi, i did a reading asking ''what does this person want from me?'' using the RW deck and got the emperor and 4 of pentacles.. Im having a hard time interpret this, both cards seem kind of hard to read/secretive to me. I think that both are about control. The emperor specifically seems to be someone serious, in control, powerful, rigid. I wondered if that could mean they want me to be like that more, more serious and controlled/controlling? The 4 of pentacles is also about hoarding, being clingy, not letting go. I guess this could also be about finances somehow but i dont know how it would apply. Wanting me to be more careful of my spendings lol? Wanting me to be more closed off?? Do you think this could perhaps also mean they think im too controlling or clingy or something? I dont see myself as that.. Im open to all interpretations im really new to this

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