What would you like to see more or less of from social media readers AKA what is an ethical social media Tarot reader?

Social media based Tarot has garnered some unfavorable responses in online communities that I've seen bring it up, ranging from that it likely doesn't work because it's too general, to that it is misguiding people or predatory at worst for profit related reasons.

One thing I'm wondering is, is there anything social media readers could do that would lessen this negative image, or to be considered ethical? Of course, one easy avenue is for these readers to make readings with non-toxic topics and not sugarcoat or similar, but if the matter is that general readings just simply don't work at all, then there really is no way to lessen the negative image, as the answer then would be 'don't do general readings, make a private shop and sell individual Tarot readings instead'.

If that is the case, then another question: is it certain that general readings can't work, and if so, what is the reasoning why? I ask because one similar concept is that of Astrology. Many Tarot readers believe in Astrology as well, in that twelve signs in certain positions/combinations can hint at a person's fate and/or personality. So could general Tarot readings, which arguably could have far more permutational variability because a reading outcome could take an infinite number of forms (without even factoring in how many piles are available to choose, how many readings a viewer may watch from one reader cumulatively and at what time, etc), be considered at least as viable as Astrology in applicability, perhaps even moreso because a reader can pick what readings to watch and what pile to choose and when, whereas in Astrology nothing is chosen?

Also, is there a difference in perception between the types of social media readers choose? For example, would a YouTube reader be viewed differently than a TikTok or Instagram or Reddit one and vice versa?

A final question: is there a far greater likelihood of a social media Tarot reader skewing results to please viewers than of a private Tarot reader skewing results to please customers, and if so, why?

I'm not writing this to either defend or attack social media Tarot, just that I want to get arguments from both sides of the debate on the matter as someone who is considering entering the world of social media Tarot but is hesitant for the above reasons. Ethics is key in this field, in my opinion, and so I value discussions like these greatly.

TL;DR: Can there be an ethical and accurate social media Tarot reader that does general/pick-a-card readings, or does such a thing not exist? What adds or detracts from this negative image of social media Tarot readers?

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