What would you like to see when it comes to tarot on Tiktok and social media in general?

I see a lot of posts about readings done on Tiktok, and while opinions on them are quite a mixed bag, they definitely are saturating the tarot communities on Tiktok and other SM platforms.

But what other ways can someone share videos and posts about tarot that don't include doing readings? What would you like to see on a Tiktok video, Insta post, etc about tarot? What types of posts and videos would interest you?

Personally I'd like to see some reviews of decks, answering other readers' questions about tarot itself, and quick tips/techniques. I'm hoping to start posting myself, but frankly I don't want to do readings. Or at least not exclusively. There's so many people doing them that I want to focus elsewhere and be known for something else if I get lucky enough to get good engagement. But it's also important to know what others do want to see. I imagine there's others like me who are interested in more than just getting readings.

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