What’s the main difference between Kings and Queens?

Most of the time I use my intuition to decipher each spread, but from time to time I feel like checking the “traditional” meaning of certain cards. And “traditionally” queens are deemed to represent female figures, while kings – male figures. But it feels way too rigid for reading tarot! This time I had a “queen of wands” to represent a male figure. He certainly fits the description: he’s fiery, charismatic, independent, sexual, passionate, career-oriented and sometimes can be loud, temperamental, pushy and mean to others. What does confuse me is why he’s represented by a “queen” and not a “king”? Is it because he’s a divine feminine in someone’s life? I’ve heard that there are certain differences, like the “queen of swords” can also represent a widowhood or a divorcee, but that’s all I’ve found. I feel like I am missing something. Could anyone give me an advice?

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