What’s your deck’s personality like?

I love hearing about other people’s experiences with their decks! I think it’s fascinating.

My first/primary deck is the Luminous Spirit tarot designed by Tina Gong- it’s a stunning deck! It’s a super direct deck, so until recently I didn’t really think of it or any decks as having a personality at all.

I just received my second deck a few days ago, the iconic Ethereal Visons (yes i’m basic but that deck is BEAUTIFUL) and now I get what you all mean by deck personalities, lol! So far it’s been super kind and eager in every single reading. My deck interview and the few other readings I’ve done with it (mostly for fun tbh) have not only been optimistic but super clear. Have you guys had this same experience with Ethereal Visions? Maybe I’m just being influenced by the peaceful gorgeous art, lol.

Tell me about your decks in the comments! 🙂

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